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When Should You Stop Mowing Your Lawn?

Nov 6, 2019

When Should You Stop Mowing Your Lawn?, Winder, Georgia
While you may have used your mower frequently during the summer to keep your grass short and neat, you may not need to use this particular lawn equipment all year long. Grass growth will eventually slow down as the fall season progresses, so it won’t require as much maintenance. To learn about the best times to put away your lawnmower, consult the brief guide below. 

When Is the Time to Stop Mowing Your Grass?

It’s not unusual for Georgia to have moderate rainfall during the fall, especially in September. The extra soil moisture can produce additional grass growth, which means you’ll likely spend the early part of the season mowing your lawn. However, once the rain tapers off and the temperatures begin to drop in October, grass growth will slow down before becoming dormant for the winter. Typically, a soil temperature of 45 degrees is enough to trigger dormancy. Frigid air temperatures can also produce hard frost, which can cause the grass to stop growing. Depending on the weather, you may continue mowing your lawn one or two times in October, but you’ll likely end in November when the air and soil temperature are consistently cold.

How Should You Cut Your Grass for the Final Mow of the Season?

Before you put away your lawn equipment for the year, there are some steps you should take to ensure your grass will be ready for spring. During this time, you should aerate your soil to make sure the grass’s roots receive adequate water and oxygen, and you should apply fertilizer to keep the lawn healthy as it continues to grow. You also need to rake up the clippings so that they don’t stick to your lawn and generate mold growth during the winter. 


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