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Why Get a Zero Turn Mower?

Oct 29, 2019

3 Reasons You Should Get a Zero-Turn Mower , Winder, Georgia
Whether you have a small lawn or a couple of acres, mowing can be quite a chore. Regardless, keeping your grass cut is an important part of keeping your home looking neat, so you want a quality mower that will get the job done with minimal effort. Riding mowers are the perfect choice for making mowing less of a chore, and here’s why zero-turn mowers are the top choice for many homeowners. 

3 Reasons to Invest in a Zero-Turn Mower

1. Reduce Mowing Time

You can save tons of time with zero-turn riding mowers. They can easily reduce your time spent by half since they’re extremely quick and easy to maneuver. Instead of having to carefully turn around trees or flower beds, you can easily zip around them. Zero-turn mowers also have more strong and precise blades than regular mowers, so you can cut closer to obstacles. This reduces time spent by eliminating the need for weed whacking after mowing.  

2. Fuel & Blade Efficiency 

Zero-turn riding mowers have faster-moving blades that provide a cleaner cut than a regular mower would, making your lawn look fantastic when you’re done mowing. Since these mowers are more powerful and maneuverable than their counterparts, you’ll use less fuel since mowing time is so much shorter. 

3. Longer Life 

Since the engine won’t be used for long periods of time due to its efficiency, zero-turn mowers tend to have a longer life than other types of mowers. This saves you money in the long run, since you can hold onto it for years without having to replace it. 


When purchasing any kind of riding mowers, you want to be sure you’re buying from a dealer you can trust. At Gene & Matt Tractor Sales Inc in Winder, GA, they care about customer service and offer high-quality products from backhoes to loaders, mowers, excavators, and much more. For more information, visit their website or call (770) 867-3179 today. 

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