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How to Manage a Large Lawn

Oct 28, 2019

How to Manage a Large Lawn, Winder, Georgia

A well-kept lawn adds beauty and value to your home or business environment, but caring for several acres can sometimes seem like a daunting task rather than a simple chore. With the right lawn equipment and a few tried and true techniques, though, your acreage will practically take care of itself. Use the following tips and tricks to get a handle on your oversized yard year-round.

Lawn Care Advice for Large Properties

Plan Well

Having a plan is crucial if you want to get several acres of lawn under control and not spend all your time taming it. Less grass means lower maintenance, so give your mower and other lawn equipment a break by creating features that add character and beauty to the lawn while reducing your mowing time. 

lawn equipmentShrubs, hedges, and flowering bushes can be used to create borders and sections on your lawn for grilling out, playing games, or relaxing. Flower, herb, and vegetable gardens provide aesthetic value and food ingredients. Create patio areas with stone pavers, gravel, or wood chips and furnish them with a fire pit, benches, dining furniture, a water feature, and shade trees.

When adding features, design them in square or rectangle shapes for easier mowing. This will reduce the need to circle around trees or weave in and out of odd-shaped gardens while mowing.

Mow Smarter, Not Harder

No matter how much you want to reduce your mow area, your lawn equipment is going to have a heavy workload. Grass needs to grow a bit to stay healthy. Mow once a week at most, and make sure you keep your lawnmower deck at least three inches above the topsoil. Add extra soil to low patches and sprinkle grass seed on bare spots for a smooth ride and an even-looking lawn. Roll your lawn to compact the topsoil, push rocks back down, and save wear and tear to your lawn equipment. If you have a problem with burrowing critters, disc your lawn to remove mounds before rolling it.


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