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5 Reasons Your Farm Needs an RTV

Oct 28, 2019

If you need a strong, versatile vehicle that’s easy and safe to use, don’t underestimate the RTV. The acronym stands for “rough terrain vehicle,” but it only encompasses a small part of the vehicle’s capabilities. In fact, its popularity has been growing in recent years as a fixture on farms across the country. Here’s a look at how it’s indispensable to multiple aspects of farmwork.

5 Reasons Your Farm Needs an RTV

1. Fieldwork

A rough terrain vehicle holds different attachments depending on what you need to do in your field, including a harrow for harrowing, a chisel, or a disc plow for plowing. In the winter, wrap the tires in chains and sandbags, attach a snowplow, and clear your field of the occasional Southern snow. The versatility afforded by attaching a spreader is notable as well—with its help, you can cover the field in sand or fertilizer in addition to distributing seed.

2. Lawn Care

To mow your lawn in the summer, add a mower deck attachment or pull a mower behind the vehicle. In the fall, use an adjustable attachment to rake anything that falls on your lawn, like brush and pine needles—not just leaves. You may need to change the tires for something safer before letting it tread on your lawn, but it’s still more convenient than storing and using riding mowers, which are only used for one job.

3. Carrying Supplies

Because it’s larger than an ATV or UTV, a rough terrain vehicle is great for carrying heavy loads. Do you need to take firewood, feedbags, hay, or bushels of crops from one end of the farm to another? Just load them up in the RTV. Do you have a trailer that needs to be towed somewhere else? Hook it onto the back. You can even put wire on an unroller to help you make a fence. 

4. Animal Care

Many baby animals, like calves, don’t react well to being separated from their mothers for tagging or medical attention. The rough terrain vehicle can help by using an enclosed and gated metal attachment to gently capture the animals. Once you’re done with them, they’re easy to release back into the fields.

5. Practicality

Not only can RTVs fit more workers and supplies than the single-ride ATV, but they’re also sturdier and more powerful. They can do more work for longer, and since they can withstand a lot of braking, they’re safer and generally easier to drive. Furthermore, there’s a wide variety of models available on the market, so you’ll have no problem finding one that suits your needs.


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