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4 Useful Tractor Attachments to Consider

Oct 28, 2019

4 Useful Tractor Attachments to Consider, Winder, Georgia

If you own or work on a farm, you know that several pieces of equipment are needed to run a successful operation. However, tractors can become much more versatile machines when you use attachments. There are many options out there, but some accessories are more accessible and useful than others. If you are looking to diversify your fleet of equipment, you should consider a few of the most valuable products on the market and decide if any of them are right for you.

Popular Attachments for Tractors

1. Auger

An auger is a drill bit that is used for digging through the earth. It is often used to bore deep holes, form piles of dirt for retaining walls, or drill smaller post holes.  Which auger bit you choose will depend on the type of ground you expect to be digging in. A heavy-duty bit is ideal for moderate conditions, while a heavy-duty bit with a cast head is better for more challenging sites, such as those with frozen ground or asphalt. A rock bit is necessary for drilling through solid rock and concrete.

2. Bale Squeeze

winder tractors Winder, GAA bale squeeze is a smart attachment for people who work with wrapped bales of hay and other materials. It can pick up bales that are either sitting flat or on their side. Check the size of the squeeze you choose to ensure it can handle your size of bales.

3. Hay Spear

A hay spear is an alternative to a bale squeeze. It can come with a single spear that has removable stabilizers, which is ideal for round bales. For those working with large square bales, the dual spear is best. This can also work as a pallet fork to lift heavy loads, like pallets of more substantial materials.

4. Light-Duty Grapple

The light-duty grapple is lightweight, so it allows you to lift a load without tipping. This style is ideal for small loaders with a limited lift capacity. It comes in two styles: a root and a bucket grapple. The root style has tongs for gripping, while the bucket is best for scooping materials like dirt or gravel.


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