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3 Tips to Boost Productivity When Using a Bush Hog

Oct 28, 2019

3 Tips to Boost Productivity When Using a Bush Hog June 5, 2019

3 Tips to Boost Productivity When Using a Bush Hog, Winder, Georgia

Grass often grows fast during spring and summer, which means you’ll need more than a lawn mower to clear an overgrown field. To remove large amounts of grass from a sprawling landscape, attach a bush hog to the back of your tractor. The powerful rotary cutters will slice through the dense vegetation quickly. To make the process even more efficient, follow these helpful tips.

3 Strategies to Increase Bush Hogging Productivity

1. Inspect the Area First

A bush hog is most effective at clearing overgrown vegetation on level land. Going over holes and raised areas could damage the lawn equipment. Walk through the land and locate these spots before you start cutting and put down flags to mark the areas. The high-speed cutter can whip debris in the air, so remove rocks and additional objects. Install additional flags near boulders, stumps, and other unmovable obstacles.  

2. Adjust the Cutting Height 

In an effort to finish the job quickly, you might set the bush hog height low to cut closer to the ground. It’s better for your property to take a more cautious approach, however. After you attach the mowing deck to the tractor, use a higher cutting height to start. On the next trip through, use a medium setting, and so on. This way, you won’t miss areas, and the finished results will look cleaner.  

3. Go Slow

So you don’t leave large sections of tall grass, take time going through the process. Gently tap on the gas pedal in the tractor, as it will give the bush hog more time to shred each blade. Going at slower speeds will also keep you safe. If you missed any debris during the inspection, going slow reduces the risk of objects becoming airborne and causing injuries. 


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