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3 Reasons to Service Your Lawn Mower Before Spring

Oct 28, 2019

3 Reasons to Service Your Lawn Mower Before Spring, Winder, Georgia
When the winter arrives and the landscape goes dormant, most people don’t think twice about their lawn equipment. However, the winter is a smart time to get essential equipment ready for spring and summer. Here are three reasons to service your mower or riding mower before the growth of spring. 

Benefits of Servicing Push and Riding Mowers Early

1. Prevent Problems

It’s never convenient to be in the middle of mowing your lawn, only to have your riding mower sputter to a halt. In addition to making your lawn look unkempt and uneven, leaving areas unmowed could also attract pests and pave the way for grass diseases. By being proactive about lawn mower maintenance, you can prevent problems, streamlining your summer routine. 

2.  Resolve Issues Before You Need Your Mower 

Sometimes lawnmowers develop problems as they sit unused in storage. Carburetors can become gummed with deteriorating fuel, and clogs left in place could corrode your riding mower’s interior. However, by having your lawn mower professionally serviced during the winter, you can keep your machine fresh and resolve big problems before you need to fire it up in the spring. 

3. Extend Your Lawnmower’s Life Span

Since carefully maintaining motors can go a long way towards preventing serious issues, you may be able to extend your riding mower’s life span. Additionally, keeping careful maintenance records can be useful if you ever decide to sell your riding mower, since subsequent owners can see how carefully the system was maintained. 


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