Showroom 2.0

T1880 / T2080 / T2380

Equipped with a host of features, the T Series can satisfy the most demanding homeowners. Designed to help you mow more efficiently and get the job done faster – with a quality finished appearance. Learning to drive one will take minutes. Getting off of one might take a bit longer.

Named for its distinctive counter-rotating figure-eight grass flow, the Infinity Deck’s most notable benefit is its ability to quickly and easily change cutting modes without having to change blades. Speedily change from one mode to the other:

  • Side-discharge mode
  • Mulching mode
  • Grass catching mode

The T Series features a full-flat operator's platform for ample floor space and legroom. It also makes getting on and off the tractor easy.

  • Easy mower-lift lever to release the mower deck and raise or lower as needed
  • One-step parking brake
  • Adjust cutting height easily with the simple dial under your seat
  • Larger rear tires for better traction and stability

Kubota’s cushion ride suspension system uses two spring-loaded shocks connected to the operator platform for a smooth, comfortable ride. Standard on the T2080 and T2380, the high back seat provides stability and comfort and easily adjusts to accommodate different operators.

The hydrostatic transmission (HST) makes operating the T Series easier and more precise than ever. A single pedal controls both speed and direction changes quickly, without shifting or clutching. This keeps your hands free at all times to help maneuver around tough obstacles and work better in confined spaces. Cruise control (standard on T2080 and T2380) also allows you to maintain a constant speed, hands free.

T1880 / T2080 / T2380